Google the tech giant is down

Google the tech giant is down

After google update servers are down

Google has recently apologized for the shutdown of a great number of its platforms some hours ago before this article was written, a date corresponding to Tuesday 9 August 2022. After Facebook is our pride, the peak of the peak.

Users around the world are reporting outages on Google’s search engine, according to

In the U.S., over 40,000 people reported Google was down for them around 9.20 p.m. ET, though the figure has since fallen.

People in the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore also reported issues with Google, which is owned by Alphabet. From the Down detector some stats on this event was brought out. Who could ever imagine that, upon all platforms Google is the one. image.png Clearly seen on the chart above that the reports from users on platforms increase around 4am and right till now some stuffs not yet working on my side of the world.

Several tweets of this have been recorded, below some randomly taken ones can be seen. Some ones hilarious than others.


Google remains one of the most prominent tech giant and best search engine ever. As far as I'm concern, I give them another chance, not sure they will deceive us again.