Google Solution Challenge 2022 Announced 🤩

Google Solution Challenge 2022 Announced 🤩

Global Kickoff Event announced and scheduled.

What is The Google Solution Challenge all About.

Annually, each January, the Google team enters a partnership with the United Nations aimed at solving some worldly faced problems all known as sustainable development goals using or with the help of one or more Google technologies, they are altogether 13 in number with some cool prices without forgetting about the recent Chrome books.

Each sustainable development goal is to be understood by the candidate and understood by the candidate and a solution to the problem is being built, depending on the candidate's preference it can be a robot, software, website, or even a mobile app.
While speaking about an app, I just remember something amazing that happened last year and made Google itself surprised, let's dive into the epic events of the solution challenge of 2021.

Something Epic from last year session

Teams upon teams have been participating in this challenge but last year we got amazed by Team Flow from Cameroon, all students from the University Of Bamenda in Cameroon developed a mobile application to help out the Bambili community facing serious portable water sources absence during the dry season. And by so doing gets an honorable mention from the google team.

Presentation of the Flow app💧

The Flow- Just go with the flow💧


From a team of 4 young talented and incredible youths, TeamFluid, the flow app came about as a result of the persistent water crises in Bambili, Cameroon. Due to the high influx of students into this locality, water shortages have been the order of the day.
The Flow app contains a map where different portable water sources in Bambili are identified as green and red points, depending on the condition of the tap(flowing or not) based on votes by the student community.

Good to know

Key Features of Flow

Locate all clean water sources around you by radius. Show approximate distance from user to a water source. Get directions to the water source. Save your favorite water sources. Indicate if water is flowing at a water source or not.
It's available on PlayStore💧, download, and get a try.
Flow is an open-source project on Github, go make a fork and pull request, I guess they will be happy to hear from you.

Solution Challenge 2022

Back to the session of this year, a global kickoff event has been scheduled for January 19, 2022, when it will be exactly 2:00 pm GMT. I guess will be something sweet is to happen by that day.

The Google developers team made a tweet recently about that:

📣 Attention students! RSVP for the Solution Challenge 2022 kickoff event on January 19! →

New to the Solution Challenge? Each year, university students are invited to support the @UN’s Sustainable Development Goals using @Google tech.

🎉 See you there!

— Google Developers (@googledevs) December 29, 2021


Get more information about the Google Solution Challenge and have a try this year to propose a solution to help out your own community with.